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I attended Osteoporosis Clinic Ireland for a consultation & was very encouraged with the information & support I received. I am now nearly 2 years into the program & am due to have my DXA scan next month. During this time my exercises, nutrition & supplements have been reviewed & progressed at every visit. I have found the testing offered by Karen at the clinic really helpful & informative. It was great to have the ultrasound bone density scan done 6 monthly &  also my vitamin D levels checked 6 monthly without having to visit my GP. Susan contacted me with my vitamin D result each time & prescribed the appropriate dosage of vitamin D for me to take based on my result. I would highly recommend going to see the team at their clinic, I not only hope to have improved my bone density but am also now enjoying exercising regularly, have more energy & my reflux is greatly improved.

Siobhan, Cork

I took Susan’s weight-training class at a stressful time in my life, looking for a way to
stay calm and strong. ​ And it was the best medicine around. Not only does weight training
build strength, it also produces a sense of physical and mental well-being, promotes good
posture and flexibility and an overall sense of groundedness. The results are almost
immediate; after just a few lessons, you begin to gain definition, ​stronger bones and
increased strength.

I highly recommend this form of exercise – and in particular, Susan’s classes. She is
extremely knowledgeable about all forms of exercise and especially the benefits of
weight training for women with osteoporosis. Her approach is holistic and very wholesome! Try it.

– Katey